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Verbal meaning of "Call Center" and "Customer Service"


A call center is mainly responsible for handling inbound, outbound and sometimes blended calls for the dealing purposes such as sales, promotion, customer care and technical support as well as user guide over phone, email as well as web enabled live chat. The agents are usually trained to handle overflow calls, afterhours calls and urgent calls all under one roof.

They are usually required and trained to take or make multiple calls and answer as many questions as they can as quickly as possible. A call center is also fully equipped with a well-connected routing system which allows calls to be transferred immediately to other departments or reps whenever needed.

The Customer Service Can Be Defined In the Following Words   

A customer service is usually an inbound setting that is mainly focused on receiving calls and solving problems and queries. Since there are not many agents available, the available representatives are trained to handle multiple scenarios until they have reached a proper resolution.

A customer service revolves around providing technical support, aftersales services and general information to existing customers.  


Providing You with a Clearer Picture

Call Center
  1. Usually has a three way calling system along with intelligent reporting and power dialing for error-free call handling
  2. The number of agents and workstations can exceed to more than 100 sometimes reaching to 200 or 300 computers and agents
  3.  A call center could be based on sales, marketing, purchases, aftersales and technical support services
  4. May also communicate through non-voice methods such as web enabled chat platform, website live chat, email, social media, SMS and fax
  5. A call center may also provide the services of a virtual assistant to manage multiple tasks for other small and large scale businesses
  6. The agents are trained to provide afterhours services, urgent call handling, overflow call handling for businesses of all kinds anytime, anywhere
  7. A call center may have an IVR(Interactive Voice Response) and an ACD(Automatic Call Distributor) system to ease the work burden
  8. Whisper Coaching and Call Barging system is usually maintained in order to train new agents or stay away from all sorts of inconveniences
  9. Longer agent talk time because the callers are normally existing or potential clients looking for suggestions or assistance
  10. Most call centers are equipped with CTI (Computer Technology Integration) and  reach more customers and prospects on a daily basis
Customer Service
  1. May not have a three way calling system or a power dialing system or any of the mentioned features
  2. The overall strength of agents is usually very small in number minimum one or two and maximum ten or twenty
  3. A customer support is mainly based on aftersales services or as a company information helpdesk 
  4. May not have the time or resources to provide non-voice facilities specially social media, SMS or fax
  5. A customer service provider does not have the infrastructure or the lineup of agents to provide virtual assistants to either small or large scale businesses 
  6. The agents may work during the 9 to 5 slot with no afterhours services, urgent call receiving services or overflow call handling
  7. Since there are not many agents and departments, therefore, they may not have an IVR(Interactive Voice Response  and an ACD(Automatic Call Distributor) system
  8. Usually a small number of highly trained and experienced agents are hired in order to stay away from any training sessions
  9. Lesser agent talk time because the number of agents is usually limited and no business wants to keep the call on hold
  10. A customer service center may not always be equipped with a CTI system and may only deal with the existing customers

Solutions and Recommendation

Is A Call Center Always A Better Option?


Call Center

When we take a look at the setup of a call center business, we would witness that such kind of business is usually focused on assisting a large number of clients. Any call center is highly recommended for businesses that have to accommodate a large number of clientele and lack a fully functioning call center services. Any call center has the ability to provide 24 hour services to businesses belonging to multiple industries. The agents are industrially adept, skilled and experienced to handle all sorts of situations and procedures. A call center can take off most of the client related burden.

“Call Center” Unique Factors to Handle Phone Calls

  • Dependable infrastructure and future ready equipment
  • Multiple workstations to handle heavy call inflow and outflows
  • Backup agents to avoid on hold calls

here are some companies offering call center services to the clients with best interest,

The sales of the company have witnessed a 10% growth since they have handed over its marketing and sales based procedures to Call Experts.

Company Name: The Call Experts ""

 Prominent Clients


Services taken by at&t to service thier cleints

  1. Call answering services
  2. Email management
  3.  Overflow call handling
  4. Outbound calls

The schedule of accommodating clients can be hectic and The Call Experts have helped ease the burden by providing their inbound/outbound call services in the best possible shape.

There are many more in the list.

Customer Service

Due to the limited strength of agents, a customer service provider may not always be beneficial for businesses that want to generate leads, avail marketing services or provide all sorts of voice and non-voice amenities to their clients. The infrastructure, services and equipment restricts a customer service provider to a limited number of procedures.

“Customer Service” Unique Factors to engage customers on the first interaction

  • Specialists at providing aftersales services
  • Smaller setup, quicker response time
  • Thick skinned and flexible agents

Company Name: Answerconnect ""

Gratified Clients

Technova Group Inc. " "

Best Services

  • Email management
  • Inbound help desk support
  • Live phone answering services
  • Outbound call services

 The Technova Group Inc. has been able to focus on other important things while Answerconnect handles all their inbound and outbound calls with complete effectiveness.  

Simplify the Business Process by outsourcing your call center activities including customer services

 The work nature may somehow be the same of both the call center and a customer service, but the size, infrastructure and equipment of both these services may be different. If we do a detailed analyses of both these services, we might get confused at first, but may start getting a clearer picture once we dig deeper.

A call center is usually a large setup with a huge workforce and top notch infrastructure. A number of call centers also provide customer services to multiple businesses through outsourcing. Businesses that have their own customer service usually have two or three customer representatives who handle multiple customer queries, aftersales and research based procedures around the clock.

The main difference between a call center and a customer service is the size of the network therefore, large and well established businesses should always opt for a call center to get the best results. 

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