So my basic aim is to take dtmf while the google text to speech agi is playing.In case of sound file i can simply use read function ,so the user is allowed to press dtmf while sound is been playing and the input is stored in a variable.For ex

exten => _X.,1,Read(KEY,soundfile,,)

But how can i take dtmf input while playing text to speech agi

Any help would be appreciated

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You have record TTS to wav file(8khz 16 bit mono pcm uncompressed format REQUIRED) and use something like this

exten => _X.,1,Read(KEY,soundfile&/tmp/tts/tts-file&other-sound,,)

You also can generate that file, save in variable and use that variable instead of file name.

Also you can use app_swift application which do that for you(for cepstral and some other TTS,not google).

Third possible solution - write c/c++ app like app_swift for google or hire someone to write that.