I had a running OSX on vmware workstation 11.

I restored my host win 10 and install vmware workstation 11 again, then copy osx folder to its older place on drive c:\

now when I play OSX on vmware, its loaded but at end show a black screen with Stripe apple logo.

whats the problem here ?enter image description here

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because the use of OSX on non-Apple hardware is a legal grey area and as a result "Hackintosh" questions have been deemed off-topic. – Tetsujin Aug 10 at 7:17

problem was an update to vmware workstation 11 : Unlocker207 after install it problem solved.

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Please clarify and add a little more context to this answer to convey what you are suggesting exactly just in case it's not clear to reader with the same problem you reported. – McDonald's Aug 10 at 12:25
VMware Workstation does not allow running macOS in a VM. Some people have made binary patches to Workstation to allow it. Such binary patches obviously will break whenever an updated version of Workstation is installed. – jamesdlin Aug 12 at 20:00